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'AZMusic' is an electronic music network.

What we do:
We support electronic music like Dubstep/DnB on our
facebook page
'' Audio Zombie xx ''.

If you are a producer of Dubstep/DnB and want to share your music with us feel free to post your tunes on
AZxx's wall. By doing this you can already get some feedback on your music and reach new listeners.
It's a great way to promote your music on your own.


We use Soundcloud and have a dropbox
We also have a Soundcloud group and you can share your music to our Dropbox too.
The idea behind this
 was that Dubstep/D&B producers 
share tunes to our Dropbox and we post each single tune to masses on 
Audio Zombie xx facebook page.
This worked well for some time but we can not do it like this anymore because it ends up in massive spam on our fb page.

Keep sharing tunes to our 
Dropbox !!!

We will support and promote featured artists in the future.
To become a featured artist just keep sharing your music to our 
Dropbox .
If we like your music we'll support you.

feel free to hit us up!
You can also send links of your music to:


AZMusic offers free audio/MIDI packs for music production

visit AZMusic blog here 
to see all free sound packs which are already available for free download.
By signing up to this newsletter you will get links to all future
free AZMusic packs directly to your mail account.


You can unsubscribe this Newsletter any time.

If you have Soundcloud pls tell us and we'll check your tunes and/or mixes.We are always looking for new music.

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